Website Request

Terms & Conditions

Below mentioned are the terms & conditions you must accept when requesting website through our service. We strongly recommend you to read it carefully and follow the steps mentioned.

  • To get the website service first you should select one from the available templates which we have given. Once you selected the template and sent the request the template cannot be changed.
  • For every template you can request up to maximum 7 pages.
  • Only the design and layout of the template will be changed.
  • After selecting the template you should fill the request form correctly and send it.
  • We will contact you as soon as possible when we get your request.

Packages 01

  • 250 per a week
  • 1 change per a month
  • Maximum 50 mb
  • Hosting free
  • Subdomain from domain as available) – 1000.00
  • (6 months of payment have to be made at the launch)

Packages 02

  • 500 per a week
  • 3 change per a month
  • Maximum 200 mb
  • Hosting free
  • Domain per a year (.lk& .com as available) – 3000.00
  • (6 months of payment have to be made at the launch)