Different Music - Different Emotions!!!
Different Music - Different Emotions!!!

Music is a medium to depict the deepest of human emotions. From the play Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare; "If Music be the food of love, play on" is one such famous example. Music is also used to highlight or heighten the effect of basic human instincts such as fear, love, joy or sorrow. The mere fact that dramas, plays and movies use music to depict emotions is a typical example of this fact. The use of music will be very different from each other in different settings. In Jurraisic Park music would be very loud when the Dinosaur appear to highlight the fear that it should create in the mind of the spectator and similarly in Titanic to highlight the destruction which is witnessed. Love will be depicted by more soothing and calm music. Indian Cinema is in the forefront to use music as an expression of love. Joy is depicted by rhythmic music and dancing.  Sorrow can also be depicted through music in an appropriate manner. Even in the ancient times war was announced by beating of drums.

Music can also influence the way a person feels and that in turn influences the way you think and thus the way you act. This is the way music is used in films, but perhaps an even better example would be corporate video and commercials, where the makers want you to act in a certain way. 

A study was conducted by Unilever with University of Manchester to test whether background sounds had any effect on the taste of flavour.  They found that people rated foods less salty and less sweet as noise levels increased. When noise levels decreased, the perception of those tastes increased. The results indicate that noise has a somewhat masking effect on taste. The same reason can be attributed to the fact that most people say that airline food is not tasty. The huge noise created by the roar of engines can dampen the taste of food similarly. Same study also showed that slow music playing in a restaurant makes perception of time slow by about 13 % and also makes consumers buy up to 40 % more drinks than normal. Hence  a successful restaurant should ensure to play slow music which would be good for business.

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