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About Sangeethaya.lk


What is SANGEETHAYA.lk ?

Music lovers, Professional Musicians, Casual Musicians and Students in Sri Lanka find it extremely difficult to find music related products/services scattered around the country. Music related products/servicers sellers have no effective marketplace to expose their talents/ services/ capabilities/ products to the target market.

SANGEETHAYA.LK is a portal for all music related products/services. A One-Stop-ePortal for the Music Industry !!! SANGEETHAYA.LK will create an online marketplace for the whole Sri Lankan Music Industry to expose their products and services to the entire market locally and globally.

Services We Provide

The following categories of service providers are incorporated:

  • Music Artists & Singers
  • Musicians and Bands
  • Lyrics Writers
  • Music Teachers / Asharama
  • Musical instrument/ Equipment sellers
  • Second hand sellers
  • Music Audio production companies
  • Video production companies
  • Freelance cameramen, producers, video producers
  • Musical shows and events
  • Event management companies
  • Equipment renting companies
  • Sri Lankan instrument manufacturers
  • Featured products and bargains
  • News in the Music field
  • Audio and Video Songs of great quality

Key Benefits of Sangeethaya.lk

SANGEETHAYA.LK will be the first of its kind in Sri Lanka to bring all SMEs and big companies who are selling music related services and products under one roof online. This will help the newcomers to the music industry to find any product or service so easily and conveniently.

Benefits for SMEs and Freelance Musicians:

  • SANGEETHAYA.LK will market new businesses and existing business in an online portal
  • Individuals and SMEs who are hoping to start a business will join due to small start-up cost
  • SMEs who are already in the music industry will get more exposure and equal opportunities
  • Talented youth will get more exposure as their talent, services and skills will get marketed online
  • Talented youth will get more exposure as their talent, services and skills will get marketed online
  • SANGEETHAYA.LK will create a equal opportunity cyber marketplace for SMEs in music field
  • Sellers and buyers will have a 24/7 marketing communication on an easy channel
  • Since music related material are all online, there is quick service and cost savings to the Music related service providers
  • No expensive office space and shop-fronts are needed in cities to get exposure for SMEs
  • SMEs who do not have their own online presence and exposure can get in to eBusiness

Benefits for Customers:

  • SANGEETHAYA.LK will be a One-stop-shop for all music related products and services
  • Customers will find it easier to find the sellers and can do a comparison as well.
  • The convenience of not wasting time and money on going to many locations to find products
  • The web based portal will cover the entire country so its easier to find all the shops in one locations to go to the closest place or the best bargains.
  • Will allow auctions and negotiations as well among customers
  • Customers will also get to rate the sellers and the products on offer

Uniqueness of Sangeethaya.lk

SANGEETHAYA.LK is the only web based ePortal which will provide all facilities under one roof as a one-stop-ePortal for Music:

  • Musical instrument sellers (guitars, percussion, etc) will have space in the eMarketplace
  • Music equipment sellers (recording and sound gear) will be in one category
  • Musical equipment and instrument exporters get a whole-sellers’ market
  • Second hand sellers (Large, SMEs or individuals)
  • Music production companies large and SMEs will get equal opportunity and exposure
  • Video production companies will get exposure to all who are interested in music
  • Freelance cameramen, producers, video producers will get exposure
  • Music book publishers will get to sell and expose their books
  • Musicians will get to market and highlight their niche areas and talents
  • Musical bands will get exposure and recognition to get more events
  • Event management companies will get space in the eMarketplace
  • Equipment renting companies will get exposure as they usually have no marketing on cyberspace
  • Sri Lankan musical instrument manufacturers can have their own space to export musical instruments to sri lankan’s living abroad and others
  • Featured products and bargains will be displayed and can send details via email on request to customers

Sellers can get the following features from SANGEETHAYA.LK:
  • Registration as a company or individual on relevant category
  • An advertisement space on a small payment for company/individual
  • A website on payment which will be linked to the company name wherever it appears
  • An online order placement mechanism for the companies
  • An online payment mechanism to order the goods or pay for the services